Thursday, February 17, 2011

Costuming ambitions 2011

And first, NO, I am not plotting to do all these costumes in this entry this year (I'm only human), I'm just laying out ideas.

Firstly, I think I will try and give myself a breather (ha!) by taking a costuming shortcut.
Instead of tackling a new one, I will add to an existing one.
Or more succinctly, I'll FINISH the one I was doing last year.
Totally and Utterly finish a costume I have committed for life.

Some of my creations are like minor challenges for person reasons, others more professional choice to be done for the learning/ the obligation/ the whatever.
I hate to think I do anything without wearing it or having a use for it again one day.
Maybe it'll make only a rare appearances, but I can't put that much soul into something and NOT wear it again.

I'm going to finish my last-years ambition of my GhostBuster outfit, %100, and better yet, I'm going to try and invest in the Charcoal Blue jumpsuit from GB II.
I'll find a better shot eventually;

And no, I will NOT put on weight again for a costume. (I'm dedicated, but I did it already)

And somehow get the pack and trap finished.

Cheating, I know, but please, here me out;
For ye non-Ghosthead (Ghostbusters fans) you may not quite understand, a GhostBusters jump suit and Proton pack is NOT a costume.
It's a life accesory, it's a part of you.
So, I need to complete that for the rest of my life.
GB has been my life (literally, I came out a few months before it did!) and I can't see it going away.
I set sail early and was hellbent on doing the whole outfit, but the Mouth of Sauron helmet commission from heaven/hell ate up my Summer.
It's not that I felt like a failure come Halloween (my due date, not for trick or treating mind you) but it was incomplete. It had been the costume I was doing for myself, and I was actually going to finish. But the commission, which ironically helped fund my suit/pack, also took all my time up. Enough boo-hoo from me, on with the dirty work.
Still so much work to do, must finish.
And I have no funds right now, so I'm mostly musing aloud.

Here's my to do list, which I need to pick another project to peck away at so I don't kill myself next year as well;
Anakin, because everyone says that's who I look like
with shaggy hair

Eddie from Rocky Horror.
One of my dear loves, RHPS. Easy costume?
Of course not, RH fans are not called Anal Retentive for nuttin'.

KROEN from Hellboy.
Kicks freaking ass, this will be a real dream to do.

The Trainman from Matrix 3

I have a love/hate with the Matrix movies. But I always Love Bruce Spence.
The facial hair would be a problem, but I've done that before.
I mean, I look nothing like him, but hey, I don't look like the Mouth of Sauron either. ;-)

Louis (or even Lestat) from the Jordan film version of 'Interview with the Vampire'.
Great costumes, worth my effort.

Angel of Death from Hellboy 2
IN MY DREAMS! :D One day.......

There are several others, I want to do something Mad Maxian inspired, something Brom inspired, some more armour.
Suggestions welcomed too.

Anyhow, I have enough to focus on right at the moment, I suppose.

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