Monday, January 24, 2011

What a long year that ended so aburptly

Hi all.
Sort of absent, I know.

I spent an understandingly creative but demanding year last year.

My artwork did not improve, as it got pushed (sadly) aside to my
costuming. I started with a personal goal, which swept whatever projects and sanity I had left to re-create my Mouth of Sauron helmet reproduction for a private client.
On the professional, I was asked to re-create my Mouth of Sauron reproduction
Can you see that the one on the right is my first one?

My personal costuming ambition was a GhostBusters jump suit, SCREEN ACCURATE.
A lifelong GhostHead, this isn't a costume, it's an outfit that I hope to wear for years. Alas, I only got it 80% done.

So, a write up shall come, and the tutorials.
And, the Jump Suit is only 80% done........ ^^
You'll never guess what I am doing next Halloween.
Cheers and beers, inki

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